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Agriculture is a vital sector for humanity in areas such as food production, employment, contribution to the economy, sustainability and cultural heritage, and it is important to develop it in a sustainable way.

80% of world food production is done by farmers living in rural areas.

All over the world, economic and social problems cause farmers living in rural areas to migrate to cities or other countries.

The fact that farmers encounter various problems such as low income, climate change, technological developments, soil fertility and marketing problems poses a significant threat to the sustainability of the agricultural sector, and financial, technical and educational support is required to solve these problems.

Tabit is a social enterprise that develops solutions to agricultural problems with technologies such as farmer decision support software, IoT, artificial intelligence and sensors, and it has provided access to technology to 1.5 million farmers in Turkey and 7 million in the Middle East and Africa.


Tabit aims to improve the lives and income of farmers through sustainable and efficient agricultural practices. With innovative technologies and scientific developments, it increases the competitiveness of farmers, manages resources effectively, and raises quality and productivity standards in agricultural production. By leading the producers with advanced training, consultancy and technology support, it always aims to be a pioneer in the agricultural sector as an organization that adopts innovative and environmental sustainability.



Tabit aims to increase productivity in agriculture through innovation and technology, to use the world's resources effectively and to shape the future by pioneering developments in the agricultural sector.


Our Values

Zero poverty: Tabit Projects help farmers achieve better yields and profits, thus contributing to poverty reduction. Agricultural technologies are an effective tool in the fight against poverty.


Fighting hunger: Tabit Projects help reduce hunger by increasing efficiency in food production. Efficient farming techniques help farmers increase their production, produce healthier and more nutritious foods, and reduce food losses.


Good health and well-being: Tabit Projects increase human health and well-being by contributing to the development and dissemination of farm-to-table supply chain software and technologies to meet food safety and healthy nutrition goals.


Quality education: Tabit Projects provide farmers with opportunities to learn and practice skills in using technology, which contributes to quality education goals.


Gender equality: Tabit Projects promote gender equality by promoting the use of technology in women's work in the agricultural sector, where women's labor is intense, and by providing access to technology as much as men.


Clean water and sanitation: Tabit Projects help to protect clean water resources by encouraging the effective use of water resources such as smart irrigation systems and the use of systems that regulate spraying and fertilization activities.


Economic growth and decent work: Tabit Projects contribute to economic growth and job opportunities by increasing farmers' output and increasing the profitability of agricultural enterprises.


Reducing inequalities: It reduces income inequality by reducing income disparities by supporting efficient farming methods, market access and trade. It contributes to the more equitable use of urban opportunities by farmers living in rural areas. It reduces inequalities in access to technology and financial services.


Climate action: Tabit Projects promotes technological developments and practices to help combat climate change, such as sustainable farming practices and environmentally friendly production methods.


Partnerships for Goals: Builds partnerships to achieve Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and develops partnerships to achieve goals.



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