Tabit Smart Farming - A Turkish Woman Among Groundbreaking Leaders

A Turkish Woman Among Groundbreaking Leaders

A Turkish Woman Among Groundbreaking Leaders


A Turkish Woman Among Groundbreaking Leaders

August 9, 2022, Istanbul, Turkey - Bloomberg announced the Bloomberg New Economy Catalysts 2022, a global group of visionaries, scientists and entrepreneurs opening new doors to a more inclusive and prosperous world. Founded in 2021, the Bloomberg New Economy Catalysts group brings together 28 representatives from 16 different countries. The community, which selects special people who stand out in different fields such as life sciences, agriculture, digital finance, creates an important network to develop solutions for a more sustainable and equitable economy. Tülin Akın, the first and only Turkish person to become one of the catalysts of Bloomberg, which announces news in the global business and finance world, will represent Turkey with an important achievement.

Making a statement about the community, in which 28 people were selected from 300 candidates worldwide, Bloomberg's Head of Economics Stephanie Flanders said: "Bloomberg's next generation of New Economy Catalysts are brilliant innovators and thinkers who transform economies and societies with their bold ideas and determination to put them into action. The 2022 catalysts were selected for the tangible impact each has already had and the new achievements they can reach in the future as a dynamic global community."

2012 Ashoka Social Entrepreneur, 2018 World's Best Social Entrepreneur by the Schwab Foundation at the Davos World Economic Forum, 2021 Meaningful Business 100, Tulin Akın said the following about her inclusion in the Bloomberg catalysts list; "It is of course very proud to be on the Bloomberg 'Catalysts' list of groundbreaking leaders for a better world as a Turk. As Tabit, for 18 years, we have been explaining to the public, media members and most importantly to our family farmers living in villages how important smart agriculture is for a sustainable future. The support of global and prestigious institutions is very valuable and important for us in these days when the global food crisis and the danger of famine are on the agenda more and more every day. We believe that being a part of this global network will make a great contribution in terms of sharing our insights, having new cooperation opportunities and accelerating digital transformation in agriculture."

The group also includes seven representatives from the United States, three from India, two from Nigeria, Japan, China, Saudi Arabia, Germany, the United Kingdom, Indonesia, Canada, Ghana and Australia.

The 28 leaders from 16 countries, including Tulin Akin, will meet at the fifth Bloomberg New Economy Forum in Singapore in November.

Bloomberg New Economy offers opportunities for companies as well as effective networking. In 2021, three members of the program catalysts successfully took their companies public. Two of the catalysts' ventures crossed the billion-dollar valuation mark and became "Unicorns".

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