Tabit Smart Farming - New Generation Farming Will Shape the Future of Agriculture

New Generation Farming Will Shape the Future of Agriculture

New Generation Farming Will Shape the Future of Agriculture


New Generation Farming Will Shape the Future of Agriculture

The conference series organized by Hisar Schools in honor of its 25th anniversary will take place online on March 23 at 18:00 under the title "Thinking Big in Agriculture"

Changing global conditions and post-pandemic developments have brought concepts such as agriculture, famine and agricultural productivity to the agenda of countries more frequently in recent months. Reports prepared by scientists point out that if steps are not taken to reduce carbon emissions by 2050, this will affect the yield of food products by one third and food prices will rise. Currently, food prices are close to the highest level of the last 10 years due to disruptions in the supply chain and extreme weather conditions during the pandemic.  

Hisar Schools continues to celebrate its 25th Anniversary with a series of conferences to contribute to the knowledge of young people and society about the future, and continues to host valuable experts on current developments in science, technology and innovation. In addition to students, alumni and their families, the third of the conference series, which will be open to all educators and the community with its "Open Source" approach, will take place under the title "Thinking Big in Agriculture". 

On March 23, the guest of the conference will be Tülin Akın, founder and Chairman of the Board of Directors of TABİT Smart Agricultural Technologies Inc.
The third of the conference series is titled "Thinking Big About Agriculture". On Wednesday, March 23rd at 18:00, Tülin Akın will share enlightening information with the participants by discussing agriculture from many different perspectives such as profession, opportunity, lifestyle and nutrition.

In 2005, Tülin Akın graduated from the Department of Agricultural Marketing at Akdeniz University KMYO, and while studying at the university in 2004, she founded TABİT Smart Agricultural Technologies Inc. and, Turkey's first communication, e-learning and e-commerce network in the field of agriculture. She studied Business Administration at Anadolu University and Micro MBA at Boğaziçi University. 

Together with Vodafone, Tülin Akın founded the Vodafone Farmer Club, which is also implemented in India, Ghana, Kenya, New Zealand and Tanzania, and launched early warning information in agriculture. She produced a farmer computer software supported by Intel. It carried out social responsibility projects to improve water awareness in rural areas and prevent tractor accidents.

In 2012, she received the Agribusiness Development Award from the Turkish Agriculturalists Association, 2013 Turkey's Changemaker Award from the Sabancı Foundation, 2013 JCI - TOYP World's 10 Successful Young People Entrepreneurship Award, 2013 Anita Borg Institute International Social Impact Award, 2013 Garanti - KAGİDER Women Social Entrepreneur of the Year Award, and was nominated for the Nobel Prize by the UN in 2014. She was awarded the Schwab World's Best Social Entrepreneur Award (2018) at the World Economic Forum and the Bill Melinda Gates Foundation Goalkeepers Award (2018). 

Tülin Akın continues to develop different projects to improve the quality of life in rural areas, ensure sustainable economic empowerment, and accelerate the social development of farmers and their families.

Hisar Schools' education model covers science, engineering, art and design
Since the first day of its foundation, Hisar Schools have been offering an education model and academic program that integrates different fields such as science, engineering, art and design in order to raise students who can compete with the world. Starting from the youngest ages, the school creates opportunities for students at all levels to acquire knowledge and skills focused on experimentation and observation in line with their interests. Armed with these skills, students begin their life journeys with the experience of identifying problems, generating solutions and putting these solutions into practice with perseverance. With 979 graduates and 1515 students, Hisarlı students think and work to benefit our country, the world and humanity.

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