Tabit Smart Farming - Tülin Akın, Queen of the Agricultural World

Tülin Akın, Queen of the Agricultural World

Tülin Akın, Queen of the Agricultural World


Tülin Akın, Queen of the Agricultural World

Actor Mert Fırat's speech at the Women Men Are Equal Point Conference "Equality in the 21st Century" - Day II: "As you know, we are facing the climate crisis, which is one of the common agenda items of the whole world. According to the report prepared by the Women's Environmental Network, an environmental organization based in the United Kingdom, more than ten thousand women lose their lives every year due to reasons related to the climate crisis. Of the 28 million people who migrate due to disasters caused by the climate crisis, 20 million of them are women." In the session on Climate Crisis and Gender Equality, which started with the words "Climate crisis and gender equality in our environment", Academician and Member of the Advisory Board of Y yanındadayız Itır ERHAT as moderator and Tabit Founder Social Entrepreneur Tulin AKIN and Sustainable Development Expert Aylin GEZGÜÇ as speakers. The session started with Assoc. Prof. Dr. Itır Erhat's announcement of Tabit Founder Tülin AKIN as the "Queen of the Agricultural World" and Tülin Akın was given the floor first.

"The Climate Crisis Affecting Agriculture Means It Affects Us All"

In her speech at the session, Tülin AKIN said: "The fact that the climate crisis affects agriculture means that it affects us all. Planting, planting and harvesting dates of crops were previously fixed. They could be predicted seasonally. For this reason, farmers expected to plant the same crop in the same period and get the same result. For this reason, ancient knowledge was always useful. With the impact of climate change, agriculture is a sector that is already highly affected by natural disasters due to the inability to market, unpredictability and the sudden ripening or late ripening of products during harvest. The product is affected by all kinds of natural disasters in the field in a warehouse without a roof. This situation affects the farmer a lot. In the agricultural sector, men and women have equal labor force and participate in production equally, but women are not considered as farmers but as housewives. In fact, in sectors around the world, only in agriculture, women and men participate equally in the labor force."

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