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Tabit Smart Farmer Application was first published under the name of "Vodafone Farmer's Guide" in 2012 and reached 65 thousand members. 5 years later, with Vodafone's decision to merge all its platforms, Tabit was re-planned as "Smart Farmer Application" and designed as a special helper for farmers in 2020. This application provides instant solutions to the agricultural problems of the farmers and stands by them at every moment. You can ask questions with photos by contacting specialist Agricultural Engineers and Veterinarians, and you can get specific consultancy for the products you grow.

You can follow agricultural news in the application, you can be informed about events such as field days and Agriculture and Livestock Fairs. In addition, you can quickly access important information such as Agricultural Weather and Market and Stock Market prices of products. The Smart Farmer Application offers you special discounts and advantages, making it easier for you to shop with contracted institutions. Thanks to the Marketplace feature, you can buy and sell machinery and equipment, and meet your products directly with buyers. In addition, you can communicate with other users and benefit from the experiences of farmers through the Share Your Opinion and Let's Share Your Sharing sections.

Smart Farmer Application is a mobile application developed for farmers to get information from the agricultural sector, follow market prices and sell products. In addition, it aims to provide farmers with important data in the field of agriculture with sensor managements, so that they can manage their agricultural activities more efficiently and consciously.


Problem Area of the Project

It has been developed to help farmers manage their agricultural activities more efficiently and consciously. It also provides a solution to follow market prices and sell their products at a better price.

Social, Economic and Environmental Impact of the Problem

Socially, the App provides farmers with the opportunity to easily track agricultural information and market prices, enabling them to practice conscious farming and increasing their social well-being.
In economic terms, the ability of farmers to sell their products at better prices and to manage their agricultural activities more efficiently makes them economically stronger.
On the environmental side, thanks to the sensor management, it enables agricultural operations to be carried out more efficiently and accurately, which contributes to a more sustainable use of environmental resources.

Our Solution Strategy as Agricultural Solution Center

Agricultural Solution Center aims to increase agricultural productivity and sustainability by providing technology-based solutions to farmers. The Smart Farmer Application has also been developed in line with this strategy.

Difference of Solution Strategy

Unlike other agricultural applications, the Smart Farmer Application offers both a platform that provides agricultural information and the opportunity to monitor agricultural data with sensor management. Thus, farmers can both make informed decisions about selling their products at better prices and manage their agricultural operations more efficiently.


Project SDG Impacts

      Fighting Hunger, Food Security and Nutrition Improvement

The application helps farmers to produce more efficiently by providing agricultural information and data.

      Jobs and Economic Growth

It offers farmers a good life and a good job by enabling them to be in an economically strong position and to manage their agricultural activities more effectively.


In the project, we aim to provide farmers with agricultural information, make it easier to follow market prices, enable them to follow agricultural data with sensor management, and manage their agricultural activities more efficiently and consciously.


  • Project Studies and Presentation
  • Application design and development.
  • Integration studies for sensor management.
  • Collaborating with farmers to get feedback and optimize the application.
  • Organizing marketing and promotional activities.
  • Promote the practice to farmers by organizing agricultural fairs, seminars and training events.
  • Preparing digital and printed promotional materials for farmers.
  • Making announcements and promotions through the media and social media.
Sustainability Goals

Regular updates and improvements of the app.
Continuous cooperation and feedback with farmers.
To reach a wider user base by spreading the application.

Business Model of the Project

The application can be made available to users for free, and revenue can be derived from advertising or paid additional features. In addition, farmers may be charged a participation fee or subscription fee.


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