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Special Trainings for Farmer Women

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As Tabit, we carry out the "Women Farmer Training" program in order to contribute to the economic empowerment of women. In this project, we aim to empower women farmers by using technology to produce their crops and become economically stronger. Our training program supports women farmers to step into a sustainable future by increasing their knowledge and skills in the agricultural field.

Educational content:
In the first phase of our training program, we provide greenhouse training to the participants. Greenhousing offers great opportunities to women farmers as a low-cost and technology-supported production model. We provide comprehensive information on efficient production techniques in greenhouses, growing seedlings, fertilization methods and disease management.

Technology-Based Practical Training:
Our training program progresses in an interactive way with the use of technologies and putting theoretical knowledge into practice. After completing the training, women farmers start production in modern greenhouses that we allocate free of charge. Basic needs such as seedlings and fertilizers are met by us within the scope of the project.

Support from Agricultural Engineers:
Our experienced agricultural engineers are employed for consultancy and training support for women farmers. We help farmers succeed in the process by providing guidance on efficient greenhouse cultivation.

Opportunity to Provide Sustainable Income:
After the training, female farmers receive all of the sales revenue from the first harvest. With this income, they have the opportunity to establish their own greenhouses. Thanks to the technology supported greenhouses, they will be able to successfully manage their own businesses by generating sustainable income at low cost.

Community and Solidarity:
Our training program is carried out in a spirit of community and solidarity. Women farmers support each other and strengthen each other by sharing their experiences.

Women Farmer Training is an important step to contribute to women's empowerment in the agricultural field and gaining their economic independence. Of course, we are working to increase the knowledge and skills of women farmers and to carry agriculture to the future.


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