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Farmer Decision Support System

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Tabit aims to increase the productivity of farmers and enable them to make informed decisions in agricultural production, with the Decision Support System it has developed for farmers operating in the agriculture and livestock sector. Within the scope of this project, a comprehensive database was created in which agricultural data is collected and processed. The database contains important information such as information on diseases and pests, agricultural methods, fertilization and irrigation techniques.

Objectives of the Project:

Information and Consultancy for Farmers: Tabit aims to contribute to farmers' making informed decisions by providing accurate and up-to-date information on disease and pest control methods, yield-enhancing techniques and other agricultural issues.
Increasing Efficiency and Profitability: The project offers farmers the right agricultural techniques and strategies in order to enable them to produce more efficiently and profitably in agricultural processes.
Monitoring of Agricultural Data: Thanks to the database created by Tabit, continuous monitoring and analysis of agricultural data is ensured. These data are used to provide solutions that are suitable for farmers' needs and agricultural conditions.
Project Implementation and Management: Tabit is constantly working on the farmer decision support system. The database is regularly updated and made accessible to farmers. Information and consultancy services provided to farmers within the scope of the project are provided by expert agricultural engineers and veterinarians. In addition, services are provided directly to farmers through the web and mobile applications owned by Tabit.

Project Contributions and Sustainability: Tabit's farmer decision support system facilitates farmers' access to information and increases productivity in the agriculture and livestock sector. Thanks to the constantly updated database of this project, the sustainability of agricultural activities is supported by providing long-term support to farmers. At the same time, it also contributes to the competitiveness of Turkey in the agricultural sector by equipping the farmers with the right knowledge and techniques, increasing agricultural production and increasing productivity.


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