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Agriculture and Technology Activities for Children

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Tabit Agricultural Solution Center offers a special education program for children within the scope of the Smart Village project. This program allows children to learn the basic principles of agriculture while discovering how it integrates with modern technologies.

Agriculture and technology education for children aims to raise future agricultural leaders and technology users. Thanks to this program, children can learn basic agricultural processes such as tillage, planting, irrigation and harvesting, while at the same time they can experience how modern tools such as smart farming devices, sensors, data analytics and digital farming platforms are used.

The training program is enriched with interactive workshops, field trips, experience-oriented learning materials and interactive digital content. In this way, children can gain a wide range of knowledge and skills, from understanding soil and plant relationships, to tracking plant growth, from analyzing data to using digital farming tools.

Smart Village's agronomists and agronomists aim to guide children to spark their curiosity and lead them to an inspiring experience in agriculture and technology. This education program aims to help children shape the agriculture vision of the future by making them familiar with agricultural practices in harmony with nature and the benefits of technology in agriculture at an early age.


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