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Water Awareness in Rural Area

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The project named "Water Awareness in Rural Areas" is an initiative that was successfully completed by TABİT in 2008 - 2009. This project was carried out in 16 provinces across Turkey in cooperation with Vodafone Turkey and in partnership with the Agricultural Academy and Agricultural Insurance Foundation. This project, whose aim is to increase the level of social awareness about the use of water, which is of increasing importance, has raised awareness about agricultural irrigation and water use, especially in rural areas.

At the "Water Awareness in Rural Areas" meetings held within the scope of the project, expert speakers on the subject, such as Agricultural Insurance Foundation General Manager, Agricultural Engineer Tanfer Dinler, provided information to the participants about the effective and efficient use of water. These meetings emphasized the importance of water use for rural farmers, muhtars, representatives of the chamber of agriculture and other stakeholders and explained the potential of modern irrigation techniques.

Within the scope of the project, it was emphasized that water is a limited resource and its unconscious use can lead to inefficiency. In an effort to create such awareness, it is aimed to use water efficiently and sustainably. The project is of great importance in promoting a conscious and effective approach to water use.


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