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Lassa, If Tarım Is Solid, The Future Is Solid

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As a matter of course, we aimed to inform farmers about sustainable agricultural practices and to travel safely in traffic with the studies we carried out within the scope of Lassa's "If Agriculture is Solid, Future is Solid" Project for Brisa. Within the scope of this project, we reached 9500 farmers in total by visiting 155 villages in 20 provinces across Turkey.

We aimed to increase productivity in agriculture by presenting 1600 recipes and solution suggestions to farmers on 'Good Agricultural Practices' during the visits we made with our agricultural engineers. At the same time, we installed reflectors on 4230 trailers in order to ensure that the trailers are noticed in the dark. As a part of this project since 2013, we have installed a total of 10740 reflectors.

At every stage of our project, we provided farmers with 5425 hours of information and consultancy services on agricultural practices specific to their regions, productivity strategies and agricultural economics. In addition, we carried out reflector assemblies to increase the visibility of the tractors on the road. By organizing fun games and competitions among our events, we increased both information efficiency and interaction.


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