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This project has been developed to provide farmers with information via SMS by tracking the daily milk yield of animals using milking automation. The aim is to help farmers prevent productivity losses by monitoring their animals' performance on a daily basis and taking necessary measures.

Problem Area of the Project

The project aims to prevent productivity losses in the livestock sector and enable more effective management of animals.

Social, Economic, and Environmental Impact of the Problem

Social Impact: Monitoring animal productivity can provide social benefits by enhancing animal health and welfare for farmers.

Economic Impact: Efficient livestock practices can increase farmers' income and contribute to the economic growth of the livestock sector.

Environmental Impact: Efficient livestock management can support environmental sustainability by optimizing resource utilization.

Our Solution Strategy
  • Milking automation is used to track the daily milk yield of animals, and this data is sent to farmers via SMS.
  • We encourage effective animal management by providing farmers with information and advice to prevent productivity losses.
Unique Aspects of the Solution Strategy
  • Unlike other methods, milking automation enables real-time tracking of daily milk yields and provides farmers with information via SMS.
  • This project enhances animal welfare and productivity by enabling farmers to monitor animal performance daily and take prompt actions.
Project's SDG Impact

Good Health and Well-Being

Milking automation allows for the monitoring of animal health, leading to improved welfare.

Sustainable Cities and Communities

Efficient livestock practices can enhance the quality of life in rural communities.

Targeted Goals

The project aims to track the daily milk yields of animals and provide farmers with information via SMS to prevent productivity losses.

Project Activities and Promotion
  • Design and prototype production of the milking automation system.
  • Data analysis and development of SMS content to be sent to farmers.
  • Promotion of the project at agricultural and livestock sector fairs and events.
  • Sharing benefits of the project through farmer associations and cooperatives.
Sustainability Goals
  • Building a reliable and durable milking automation system to support sustainability goals.
  • Increasing the effectiveness of the project by providing training and technical support to farmers.
Project's Business Model
  • The business model can focus on the sales and service of the milking automation system.
  • Additionally, a subscription-based business model can be considered for data analysis and reporting services.


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