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Launched in 2009, this special project was implemented under the leadership of Tabit, a social enterprise that plays an important role in agriculture. As the provider of Vodafone Farmers Club Services, Tabit is a platform that aims to support innovation and knowledge sharing in the agricultural sector. With this project, a transformation started in the agricultural sector and had a great impact throughout Turkey. The training trucks, designed especially for the needs of farmers, aimed to increase the level of knowledge in the field of agriculture.

The experience gained at the end of the project and the increasing level of knowledge of the farmers paved the way for the basic idea of Vodafone Farmers' Club Services' Smart Village project. With this project, it was understood that more innovation and technology integration is needed in the agricultural sector. Thus, the Smart Village project was developed in line with the goals of digitalization and sustainability in the field of agriculture. The expertise of provincial directorates of agriculture, district directorates and chambers of agriculture were used effectively in the implementation of this pioneering project. In this way, accurate and up-to-date information was provided to the farmers, especially on animal husbandry, spraying, irrigation, forage crops and harvesting. Mobile communication facilities also played a big role in the project. Farmers were able to quickly access the information they needed through their mobile phones.

The project reached more than 300 thousand farmers in total at 150 different points throughout Turkey, increasing their knowledge of agriculture. Thanks to this project, a great knowledge-based transformation was experienced in the Turkish agricultural sector, resulting in increased productivity. While implementing this project, Tabit worked with dedication to meet the needs of the agricultural sector and made a significant impact in the field of agriculture.


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