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Content and Platform Development Solutions

• Creation of agricultural information and content platforms
• Development of digital tools and mobile applications for farmers
• Design and management of agricultural e-learning platforms
• Agricultural content production and publishing services
• Agricultural social media strategies and content management
• Web-based agricultural information sharing platforms
• Online agricultural marketplaces and e-commerce platforms
• Agricultural database and information management systems
• Interactive agricultural guidance and consultancy platforms
• Mobile agriculture applications and agricultural application development
• Agricultural mapping and geographic information systems (GIS) solutions
• Agricultural blogs, podcasts and video content production
• Agricultural news portals and online magazine publishing
• Creating e-books, brochures and training materials
• Platform development for agricultural communities and forums

Implemented Content and Platform Development Projects

Tabit aims to increase the productivity of farmers and enable them to make informed decisions in agricultural production, with the Decision Support System it has developed for farmers operating in the agriculture and livestock sector. Within the scope of this project, a comprehensive database was created in which agricultural data is collected and processed. The database contains important information such as information on diseases and pests, agricultural methods, fertilization and irrigation techniques.
The agricultural market and stock market price tracking system developed by Tabit is also a project used by Migros and large markets. This system is provided with API membership and provides content to various agricultural platforms. The aim of the project is to contribute to the agricultural sector and help farmers make efficient decisions by following the instant price changes and market conditions of agricultural products. Thanks to the web services developed by Tabit, information flow and cooperation between different platforms in the agricultural sector are facilitated. This project contributes to the digitalization of the agricultural industry and promotes more efficient and sustainable agricultural practices.
Tabit created informative and educational video content on modern fruit growing and agricultural banking with the Akbank Agricultural Banking Web Page Video Contents project prepared for Akbank. These videos guide farmers in agricultural matters, explaining modern fruit growing techniques and agricultural banking services. Within the scope of the project, Akbank's services and training materials for the agricultural sector were provided, providing farmers with the opportunity to practice more productive and conscious agriculture. Tabit has successfully completed this project aimed at supporting farmers in the agricultural field and contributing to the development of the agricultural sector.
Offered by Tabit in partnership with Vodafone, the "Farmer News Package" provides farmers with idea generation and content services. The project, which started in 2009, continued until 2023 and is still in progress. Thanks to this important cooperation, farmers receive regular and up-to-date information on weather conditions, crop developments, product prices, agricultural supports, grants and investment supports. In addition, thanks to the cooperation with the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Affairs, farmers can be informed about current regulations and regulation changes by being informed directly from official sources. This project provides a platform suitable for the needs of modern agriculture by contributing to farmers to make informed decisions. and are Turkey's first Agricultural Content, E-Commerce and Communication Platforms. Launched in 2004, these innovative platforms enable farmers to market their products in accordance with the requirements of modern agriculture. Thanks to the platforms, farmers can deliver their crops to a wider customer base over the internet, thus gaining access to buyers all over Turkey. While helping to sell their products at the right price by following the market, it also allows them to easily access the information they need to improve product quality. Tarı and are valuable tools that support farmers to deliver their products from field to table more effectively and efficiently.
Tabit Smart Farmer Application was first published under the name of "Vodafone Farmer's Guide" in 2012 and reached 65 thousand members. 5 years later, with Vodafone's decision to merge all its platforms, Tabit was re-planned as "Smart Farmer Application" and designed as a special helper for farmers in 2020. This application provides instant solutions to the agricultural problems of the farmers and stands by them at every moment. You can ask questions with photos by contacting specialist Agricultural Engineers and Veterinarians, and you can get specific consultancy for the products you grow.
This project has been developed to provide farmers with information via SMS by tracking the daily milk yield of animals using milking automation. The aim is to help farmers prevent productivity losses by monitoring their animals' performance on a daily basis and taking necessary measures.


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